Silver Jewelry from Zaragoza

Inside the Boulevard Mall
3680 S. Maryland Pkwy #105
Las Vegas, NV 89169 (Map)
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At Zaragoza Jewelry, not only can you find a vast selection of high quality silver jewelry, but you’ll find some of the most impressive styles anywhere. Despite what type of jewelry you’re looking for, be it a bracelet, ring, necklace, or even a pretty pair of earrings, you’ll love our selection. We are known and celebrated by many as the best place in Las Vegas to help you find whatever it is that you’re looking for. Our amazing selection and fantastic customer service make us loved by all.

We carry a wide variety of fine sterling silver jewelry from around the world. Our collection includes bracelets, necklaces, and earrings to please and delight anyone! Our necklaces will be kept by your loved ones forever as a token of your strong relationship, be it as an expression of friendship or love. The best silver bracelets go well with a variety of different styles and occasions, and do well to compliment any number of outfits and other accessories.

We refuse to sell jewelry of poor quality to anyone. Many stores often make their living selling anything that even resembles silver, but not us. We take great pride in customer satisfaction. The design and craftsmanship of any individual piece of sterling silver jewelry affects the price by a wide margin, and here at Zaragoza we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping customers to find the best value for their money.



As, ya know, a girl, I do go here to buy silver, despite other options. I always know that the quality of the jewelry I’m purchasing at Zaragoza will be top notch. Thank you, Zaragoza jewelry for always being there when I need a beautiful new piece of jewelry!
-Kelly Desir, LV

We visited this shop last weekend we really enjoyed our time. The staff were great, and treated us very nice with lots of respect. If you’re in Vegas be sure to check them out, they have a great selection.
- Carmella Sheffler
Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m amazed at the great selection of merchandize they always have at the store. The employees at the store are like breaths of fresh air as they treat new customers like old friends. Their cases are stocked with a ton of amazing stuff.
- Erik Lecroy
Henderson, NV